About Us


Xabisa Human Capital Solutions is a 100% BWO multifaceted HR Consulting firm, offering various outsourced HR solutions, enabling our dynamic clientele to focus on the core of their business.

Xabisa in Xhosa means “to cultivate” of which Xabisa Human Capital Solutions business model is founded on.

Following a passion and commitment for HR, Xabisa Human Capital Solutions was borne in February 2012. We are proudly SME and hold a B-BBEE Level One status.

Sivis Pillay

Sivis Pillay is the Director of XABISA Human Capital Solutions. She holds a Masters in HR and has over 17 years of HR Management experience.
Sivis commenced her career as a graduate who was selected by SASOL Mining to join their HR team as a graduate in training. Since then she has worked in many international clients where she gained her multi HR skills and experience.

Sivis often addresses HR Executives at Annual HR seminars which are targeted at HR Managers, Directors and Executives whereby she delivers papers on current and cutting edge information on Talent Management, Retention & Succession Planning. Sivis often writes articles on Changing the HR landscape.

Sivis is passionate about Youth Development and supporting Small Businesses to implement internal HR processes.

Industry Experience:
Automotive, Banking, Call Centres, Engineering, Franchises, Gases, Information Technology, Logistics and Distribution, Manufacturing, Mining, Public sector, Packaging.

Sivis holds a ND in Public Administration, B-Tech in HR Management, Masters in HR Management, TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language Tutor) as well as various Management and Facilitation certificates.

Xabisa Human Capital Solutions Team:
We have a team of professionals which comprise of specialists as well as generalists with over 40 years of HR experience within the team. They are highly qualified and are deployed to clients as per their areas of skill sets and expertise.

To be a multi-faceted HR business partner of choice within various sized companies.

-To offer current and cutting edge HR solutions
-To continue to build strong relationships with our clientele
-To take the time to understand each and every client’s business needs before offering solutions

Always offer our services with the highest level of:
1. Accuracy-the quality of our work being precise
2. Responsiveness-we will be quick to respond and react appropriately in the delivery of our services
3. Innovation-our services creates value for which our customers are willing to pay
4. Resourcefulness-we are capable of dealing with difficult situations and thinking creatively to come up with solutions
5. Continuous improvement- we operate with an on-going effort to improve products, services, and/or processes
6. Business Ethics-we operate with the highest level of ethics

Customer Value Drivers
Value drivers enhance a company’s products to be better than its competitors, thereby boosting its leverage in the market place.
Our team focuses on providing our clients with a competitive advantage, giving their business an upper hand in their industry, by offering revolutionary HR solutions.

Operating Model for Clients

Align business strategy and HR strategy

Continuous improvement

Make talent a real priority

Xabisa’s Clientele

Xabisa’s clients range from start-up companies, to small, medium and large international companies, inclusive of franchises.

Procurement Advantage

As we are a value adding supplier, your company will be able to recognise your spend with Xabisa Human Capital Solutions – on your empowerment scorecard – under the Preferential Procurement category. Another great reason to partner with Xabisa Human Capital Solutions.

Social Responsibility

We offer free CV Writing and Interview Skills workshops for Grade 12’s.

We are passionate about talent and development of our youth. For every GDS (Graduate Development Scheme) Programme signed and hosted, we give back up to 10% to an underprivileged home.